Thursday, January 14, 2021

I'm on a Cookbook Kick


I've always enjoyed cookbooks but since the creation of Pinterest and the easy search of all things food I found that I used that search option much more than cookbooks over the last few years. 

Well, Darryl got me "The New Frontier" cookbook by The Pioneer Woman for Christmas and it brought back that love for an actual book when searching for recipes. 

I also got an air fryer for Christmas and, ironically, Nate had given my mom the Air Fryer cookbook as a gift.  Needless to say, I ordered myself one right after Christmas too! 

This quickly sent me down the rabbit hole of cookbooks on Amazon where I found Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines and a Slow Cooker book both which have great reviews.  I have quite a few friends that post recipes from the Magnolia Table book as well so I'm confident I'll find some "keepers".  

I also have Taste of Homes "365 Days of Cookies" in my Amazon cart.  I'm looking forward to adding that one to my collection in the near future! 

Cookbooks become like old friends with pages that are "dog eared" along with splatters and handwritten notes.  I look forward to breaking in all of these cookbooks in the coming weeks. 

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