Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summer Week 8!

Oops I forgot to get this posted! 

Thursday - We enjoyed the pool and stayed out of the heat!

Friday - The same!

Saturday - Nate went to a theater class, Josh stayed at my mom's and then . . we lost power in a storm.  We ended up staying the night at my mom's!

Sunday - still no power - until mid afternoon!

Monday - Nate got his hair cut.  Then we went to my mom's for dinner. 

Tuesday - I had an eye doctor appointment and had my eye's dilated so my mom actually took the kids that wanted to swim to the pool!  I stayed home with the one who didn't.

Wednesday - The weather was "park perfect" so the kids and I met friends at a park.  Then, after dinner, the boys and I went swimming with my mom.

Thursday - Today was the park party for the reading program followed by the pool and the final Theater club!

A busy week!