Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giving Thanks

Usually I participate in the annual Facebook Days of Thanksgiving - where you post each day one thing (or more) for which you are thankful.  This year I purposefully did not do it.  It isn't that I'm not thankful, but rather that I wanted to ". . . Give thanks to HIM and praise HIS name" just like the verse states above.  God has given me so much yet I tend to overlook those things and I forget to thank him for all of the blessings, even the ones that come in the raindrops, because, after all, not all blessings come in the sunshine!

I was going through some photos recently and came across this one from earlier this year and, with the recent lost of my Aunt, my dad's youngest sibling, it make me even more thankful for my siblings:
My brothers and me . . .. it is a rarity anymore that all four of us are together so this is a pretty important photo.  I love that they were trying to be serious but you might notice that Ken, the one on the left, has a very hard time being serious ever.  Here's more proof:
Total photobomb!  This photo includes my lovely sisters-in-law.  Again, more thankfulness in this photo!

I'm thankful for the simple fact that we had a family gathering at the beginning of the summer and throughout the day were all together at some point.

What am I most thankful for right now though?  Very simply, that I know that God loves me.  He will take care of me and never forsake me.  Knowing that, I can walk each day giving my praise to him and seeing all of the things around me to be thankful for . .. Including the recent snow storm :-)