Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Garden Challenge for teaching the tots!

As part of our Tot Time learning over the next few months we are going to be doing some gardening so what better thing to do than to take part in this Garden Challenge from The Homeschool Village!  The link ups happen once a month, the first one is obviously today!

Here's a couple of pictures of our current Gardening adventure. 

First, last fall the boys and I planted some bulbs after my husband (with help ha!) pulled out one of our big bushes.  We've been watching those bulbs start to push up through the soil.  I will say they are looking a little sad - they popped up when we had a few days that pushed 70 degrees but than we've had freezing temps again so we'll see if they survive

Second, I we have a box full of things to plant soon!!  The ground is still a little frozen and there are rumors of snow so we are waiting a little longer to plant!

Third, we do have plans to plant a small container style garden later this spring once the frosty temps really do stop dipping so low!!
We are getting ready to start our new month of learning and will be focusing on a few things - 1) Easter and 2) Spring. I have lots of resources that I've been pulling together but haven't finished my April calendar yet - plan on doing that this weekend!