Saturday, October 7, 2017

Our Week in Photos #16

 As summer has slipped by and we slowly get back into our school routine we are more likely to be found at home than out and about so, our week in photos are not quite as exciting!

On Saturday, I took the boys to our local theatre to see a movie they wanted to see.
I will admit, this Lego movie is one of the most boring movies I've seen HA!  My kids loved it.  They laughed out loud and at one point Nate yelled out as he jumped out of his seat. "RUN RUN RUN!"

Sunday brought church and I had a choir concert right here in our home town!  It was nice not having to drive 45 minutes or more to a concert.
Most of our week looks like this:

And the cat enjoys life:
And we are invaded by stink bugs.

I signed Nate up for a math activity at the Library called Crazy 8's Math.  It is an 8 week program for kids in K-2nd grade.  Josh is a little bummed he can't participate but he gets to spend time at the library with me so that's almost the same HA!
 Nate is in the top of this photo . .. 
And he is in the bottom right hand corner of this photo :-)
And this is one something he created with two other kids. 

Finally, a few photos from Friday School! 

 In their Stem class, the boys made these fun creatures.

And Josh decorated this cake in his cake class - learning how to use a piping bag!