Thursday, February 10, 2011

I {Heart} Teaching my Kiddo's!

Yes, I stole that header idea from another blog but it fits for this time of year, doesn't it? 

Just wanted to share some last minute ideas for Valentines day to do with the kiddo's - lots of great Valentine's to make!

If you are looking for some last minute Valentines, you can print them free from here:
The Company Store.  There are two different designs to print and color!  We did this as one of our activities this week.

Check out Moo Moo's and Tutu's for a bunch of printable Valentine's for your kids to take to school!!!  (Return those unopened boxes to the store and use these instead !) 

Next, Delia Creates shares another super cute, super easy idea for Valentines too (and these are a little more "boy"!)

This idea is on my plans for next year from  They are just too adorable for words!

Or maybe these . .wow, what a great idea from Sugar Swings.  She created these lego guys from ice molds (using melted candy, not ice) and shows some really cute Valentine card ideas!

Also, check out this idea from a friend of mine over at Busy Blessings.  Tammy is a mom of 8 boys and a great example.  I enjoy reading her blog and gleaning ideas from her to use with just my 2 :-)  I love this idea she does with her boys for Valentine's.

You still have a few more days to get your Valentine's made so lets have some fun!