Saturday, June 17, 2017

End of the School Year

We ended our second year of homeschooling with Connections Acadamy on June 9th.  I feel like it was another successful year and I felt like I had things a little more under control than I did last year.  I have some plans for this coming year to make it better - better scheduling around our co-op events and field trips; some schedule extra days off before Christmas and after New years; ending everything in our school year by May 15th.

 Josh with his 2nd grade teacher.  She was really awesome and worked well with us through his online classes.
 Nate's first grade teacher.  (No, he's not crying - that's just his "smile" right now HA!) He loves her :-)
Josh ran his first race yesterday and Nate and our little friend walked the path to meet up with him and ended up walking almost the whole thing too!

These photos were from our year end field trip which was awesome.  We also played on the splash pad, swam in the lake and played, played, played!