Monday, December 15, 2014

Make it Monday - Star Christmas Ornaments

I've mentioned before that I have tried to be intentional with our December plans by planning activities and, well, actually doing them!  The boys have enjoyed doing some crafts especially when those crafts include things like glitter glue, beads and paints! 

Mess for Less shares a simple tutorial for making some awesome snowflake ornaments that were perfect for my boys.  I love the idea of having the boys make a special ornament each year for our tree so making these was a winner!

 Nate's masterpieces which he made exactly the same. 
Josh's masterpieces - he made a rainbow and a fun snowflake with lots of beads.

I did a little prep work on these by using hot glue to make the snowflakes out of popscicle sticks.  This way, the boys could just paint and glitter and glue to their hearts content and I wouldn't need to scrap anything off to glue them together.  We made two ornaments - one to take to Great Grandma and one to keep at home (but Josh has already told me that his is for Papa and Nana so . . Mom, you might get it but it is really mine HA!) Great Grandma loved her ornaments and hung them on her super tiny tree (she lives in a nursing home). 

These would make a great craft for the family, daycare, or a Sunday School class!