Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I'm Into - December

So I came across this fun idea over at Our Happily Ever Afters to share what I'm into right now - I think it is fun to see what other people are doing.  If I remember to do this post each month, I will but sometimes it is hard to remember a Monthly Idea :-) 

What I'm Reading
On my Kindle right now is a book by Lauraine Snelling called An Untamed Heart
Lauraine Snelling is one of my favorite author and this series of books is one of my all time favorites and this particular book is actually the prequel to the Red River Series telling the story of the early life of the main character.  After reading this I'm tempted to read through the entire series once again. 

On my night stand is this book:
This is a year long journal that is for organizing your life - every aspect.  I'm only on week one.

What I'm Watching on TV
Right this very moment, as I write this?  I'm watching :
I've watched every season and I have to say this is one of the better ones.  The people always make the show and I enjoy the people on this episode even if Bob is sporting a really weird look this time around.

Other shows I'm watching are Amazing Race - love this show too!  Again, it is all about the people and the people are really good this season.  I also love Pioneer Woman.  Of course, this time of year I'm watching a lot of this:
Yes, that's right, football.  Sundays, Monday night and Thursday night and yes, even some college ball on Saturday. 

Don't forget one special that I'm really looking forward to seeing and that is this!
What I watched in the Theatre
Well, I haven't watched anything lately but we are planning to take the kids to see Frozen on Saturday!
What I'm Doing Around the House
Just decorating :-)  This year I did the bulk of the organizing Thanksgiving week and now I'm adding extra things like turning the Fridge into a snowman and actually decorating "my" tree in the Dining Room the way I want to.  I just finished all of the organizing in the boys room and the playroom - they love it and it makes so much easier to put things away now (for ALL of us).  I'm starting to work on organizing the kitchen cupboards to make them more usuable - I don't have cupboard doors right now so it is easy to visulize things.

What I've Bought
Well, Christmas Presents.  I'm about 90% done.  I just have a few odds and ends to get for stockings, Christmas Eve and a few people.  I also purchased the organizing supplies I needed for my project last week.  Christmas cards are bought and ready to go in the mail too :-)

What's on my Heart
I'm slightly disappointed that the boys will not be in a Christmas program this year.  We have been floating between churches and the one we have been attending is very large and does not do a program; the church we are going to start going to does do a program but since we haven't been going there, the boys won't be in it so I do have a burden to get us into this new church and get established.  We had really considered, back in July and August, driving to my brother's church every weekend (1 1/2 hours away) every Sunday because it is such an amazing church . .. trying to find something close to home has been hard.

What's on our Calendar
We are actually not busy people at the holidays.  The only things on our calendar are what I put on there - things like the Christmas Parade (Unless it is raining!), seeing a Christmas movie, going out to see Christmas lights, Nate's Birthday and Birthday Party, Christmas with my Family and Christmas with Darryl's family.  I also have one concert to do too.  It will be a fun holiday season.

That pretty much wraps up December!