Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Welcome back to a post I love :-)  Yes, I still love looking for ideas to make.  I sure do wish I could find the time to make more of the ideas but sometimes it is just the inspiration of seeing an idea that makes you do something else creative :-)

This first idea comes from Gluesticks.  I actually came across this idea a week ago and it has taken me all week to find it again!  You may remember that I did quiet bags for the kids when we went on vacation.  Well, this vacation binder takes it step further and I really love it.  We don't plan on another family vacation until next spring but I might start snagging some of these printables now.
One Hundred Dollars a Month shares a recipe for sidewalk paint.  I really want to do this with my kids this summer plus I need to pick up some more sidewalk chalk - both are great summer activities.

 I love this TV stand from Too Crafty for My Skirt and love even more that she shares her plans.
The bookshelf idea from One Dog Woof is super cute.  I think it would be cute in our homeschool room to hold books for the boys to read each week.
When I saw this post at Inspired by Family Magazine for this book, I feel in deep "like".  My husband loves to have tickle fights with the boys - I think I will be picking this book up ASAP for bedtime reading :-)
This travel pillow is extra cute from Entirely Emily.  I love her pattern but just to be able to sew together a simple pillow for the boys would be great.  I hate seeing their heads fall forward when they fall asleep in their car seats!

Here's another cute travel game that would fit in the binder I mentioned above or in a busy bag.  It comes from A Home Made.