Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Love of My Life" by Jim Brickman

This weeks song is "Love of My Life" by Jim Brickman.  I purchased a Jim Brickman CD many years ago and just fell in love with the whole thing.  One of my favorite songs on the CD is this very one, sung by Micheal W. Smith.  I loved it so much, I used it in my wedding - Dan Bates sang it beautifully :-)  This time it REALLY is the first song on my music player so if you are on the blog and haven't muted your volume you should be hearing it soon :-)

31 in 31- Day 16

First of all, I am not a garage sale-er.  I seldom go because I find nothing . . .ever.  I decided today I would try again and this is what I got:

Now, bear in mind, I went looking for a couple outfits for my kids but came home with toys!!  I got all of this for $9.00.  Most of it is for birthday's/Christmas except the Piano - that Josh has already been playing  (The Cat is NOT from the Garage sale - she is just curious :-) )  I looked up the little V-tech Spin and Learn Top (in the front) and it sells for $15.00 - I paid $1.00.  I had been looking at getting that for Nate for his birthday!!  And I found a similar Sit and Spin that sells for around $30.00 - I got that one for $2.00.  Crazy???   I tried finding the piano but the sites all say that it is no longer available :- )