Sunday, May 17, 2015

Things My Kids Say

* Our boys really love baseball (and yes, we are cultivating that on purpose. )  We tend to watch a lot of Tigers Baseball in our house right now so one day Josh told me that someday, he is going to play for the Tigers and when he plays, we can sit at home and watch HIM on TV.  My response?  Please, Josh, play for the Tigers :-)  How awesome is that? 

* Nate informed us recently that when he and Josh have wives they will all live in the same apartment.  Josh carried it a little further.  He said that our friend Maeve would also live with them.  (He has told us he is going to marry her and plans to call the church soon.  And yes, he has asked her to marry him already HA!) We asked if she would have her own room.  Josh replied, "No, all three of us will sleep in one room.  There will be two beds and two of us will sleep in one and one will sleep in the other.  Interesting.  That's all I'll say :-) hahahaha

* Darryl and I have pulled our bikes out recently.  The boys found it completely amazing that I could ride a bike.  They were so amazed when I got it out that they had to give me detailed instructions on how to ride and held on to my bike while I got on it.  At one point the boys got way ahead of me so Nate got off of his bike, ran back to meet me and asked me if I needed his help.  They are such sweet boys :-)

* Nate was on the phone with Nana recently when she told him that he and Josh were coming to their house to stay for a few days.  Nate told her that they weren't coming because it wasn't on my calender and only things on my calender really happen.  That is one of the downfalls of living with a planner :-) LOL  He was very confused when I told him Nana was right . . .and told me I needed to add it to my calender.