Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun -Week 9

So this week is  a totally different post.  Yes, I still had some summer fun and so did my kids - we were just not in the same city! The kids enjoyed lots of fun with Papa and Nana the entire week while my husband and I enjoyed some time without kids.  Here's how our week went down.

Sunday - We went to church :-)  For lunch we enjoyed some snacks and then did nothing.  We watched the Olympics, played on our computers and may or may not have taken a nap HA.  We also enjoyed a cool living room!  My mother-in-law has loaned us a second window A/C  unit and we are putting it to good use.  It feels so nice to NOT be hot!

Before I continue with the rest of the week, let me share this tidbit.  Normally when my kids go away for a few days, I schedule myself to the minute trying to get tons and tons of work done.  Well, the last two times I did this, I would get to the end of the "kidless" days and think, "Next time, I am going to plan some things I WANT to do - not just work".  As you read through my "summer fun", that is what I tried to do.  I did have goals in several areas such as cleaning, room switch project, scrapbooking and homeschooling so I try to break that stuff up and do some each day so I could actually enjoy my time without kids :-)

Monday -  Today I worked on cleaning out some toys and then cleaning the living room.  I also spent some time in the afternoon learning how to use my Cricut.  (A friend of mine is selling it to me but, because she doesn't use it - she has let me keep it at my house and eventually I'll pay her ;-) ).  For dinner, we had Burgers and corn on the cob and it was all HOT!! :-)

Tuesday - I finished up the living room and Nate's room today.  I would like to say I scrapbooked but I didn't, instead I just enjoyed doing nothing in the afternoon!!  For dinner, we tried out a new BBQ place in town and it was so good!

Wednesday - Today, I cleaned up the dining room and Josh's room then I cleaned my desk and worked on just making everything nice and neat . . .. and finally I relaxed :-)  Tonight we made homemade pizza. 

Thursday - Well, today I didn't do much :-)  I took my husband to work at 3:30 AM so we would only have one car in town later in the day.  For that reason, I laid back down after the munchkin arrived and slept for awhile.  Once I got up, I just didn't do a lot until the munchkin left early (at 2:00) and then I headed to town to meet my husband because we went out to dinner for our anniversary.  I had picked up a Groupon a few weeks ago for an upscale Italian place called Noto's.  We have always wanted to go but, I'm not going to lie, it is very pricey.  This groupon made it more in line with what we are ok with spending :-)  Dinner was fabulous!!! 

Friday - I took the munchkin and we went grocery shopping then I just tried to stay cool the rest of the day :-(  Wow.  it was hot (so thankful again for a cool living room!).  My husband brought home Taco's from a favorite Mexican place before we headed to our pastor's house for an evening of fellowship and dessert. 

That's it :-)  I do have August activities planned and am looking forward to . . wait for it . .wait for it . .. temps in the 70's this week YES!! :-)