Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 30 Day Blog Challenge

This seems a little crazy but, I've seen it posted on a couple different blogs and it looks like it could be fun.  This is actually day 2 so I'm going to go ahead and try to catch up !

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture and 15 Interesting facts
So 15 interesting facts about me:
1. I met my husband online through a match making service
2. Christmas is my favorite holiday - I decorate every room in my house beginning the first week of November.
3. I have a master's degree in Educational Administration (which means I have a degree to boss people around)
4. I have started creating lots of crafts recently - I never had the time before and now, am making the time
5.  I am a big scrapbooking fanatic.  I'm working towards being completely current so we can enjoy our pictures today instead of 2 years from now
6. I have been married for 9 years and have 2 kids
7. My favorite animal is a cat - all shapes and sizes :-)
8.  If I had the land and the time - I would own a Dog Boarding House because I enjoy dogs!
9. Flylady is my best friend - She helps me keep my house clean :-)
10.  I love Ice Cream - I can eat it anytime so therefore, we don't keep it in the house all the time :-)
11.  I LOVE Frozen Hot Chocolates :-)
12. I play the piano - even though I don't have the time to practice as much as I should right now
13. I greatly enjoy being able to stay home with my boys :-)
14.  If I could drive any vehicle, it would be a Truck (like a Silverado) with a crew cab - but I have to be practical so I only get a Trailblazer.
15. I'm a planner, organizer, and sometimes, a control freak :-)

This was taken at Easter but I realized I don't really have any too recent - guess I need to get out from behind the camera sometimes!
Day 2: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
Mine comes from a phone conversation - I was setting something up over the phone and was asked what I did and I said I that I didn't work . .as I than stumbled over about 10 things until I settled on "I stay at home" LOL  So it is really meant to make people think because one thing I know, a stay at home mom, works harder than most people realize!

Polka Dot Pumpkins

Today, on this perfectly fine fall day, I decided it was time to make some Polka Dot Pumpkins but first, we needed to really get into the fall spirit so we did this:

Josh and Nate both had a ton of fun playing in the leaves at a local park . . and yes, Nate wanted to eat every single one!
Once we got home and both boys went down for naps I went to work on my polka dot pumpkins

First, you need to get three different colored pumpkins, at least - you could get as many colors as you would like!
Here are my three lovely pumpkins!  I thought it would be easy to find these - it wasn't.  The place we went to, though, had "millions" of odd colors and weird shapes so I plan on getting more next year!

You will also need a very good apple corer.  And maybe a mallet if the pumpkins are really tough!

Use the apple corer to "core" the pumpkins, saving the piece that comes out.

Than use a different color "core" to fill in the hole.

When you are all done, they will look something like this :-)  Aren't they pretty? 
Just a different way to add to your decoration for fall!  Speaking of decorating - I'm working on my last item for my porch for this fall; than I'll give you the "Grand display" (ok maybe not that grand but it does look pretty nice!)