Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Bedroom Redo - The Master

I'm been talking about the big room switch for months and we are almost done. I already showed the classroom a few weeks ago and now, it is time to show off the master.  I spent several hours this past Saturday going around the room and finishing up all the little things that needed to be done so that I can actually the room is complete.

First up are some before shots.  We moved into what had been Josh's room.  It is actually the middle sized room and it is right next to the bathroom.  It was kind of bittersweet moving Josh out because it has always been just his room.  You'll have to excuse the mess in these photos - my husband started moving stuff before I had a chance to take photos plus Josh had been sleeping in Nates room for weeks due to the heat - we had put a window AC unit in Nate's window to help cool off the living area and for the boys to use at night.

Now for the finished room!!
 We did not repaint this room - we love the color and the striped wall plus it matches my bedding perfectly.  I also did not buy the bedding recently - I bought it about 6 years ago, used it for year, got new stuff that I then used for 6 years and finally replaced again with this set. 
 This is the view from the doorway.  The artwork on the far wall is something that used to hang in my dining room that I purchased probably 9 years ago and the candle holder used to hang in my bedroom . .. well it used to be a set but one broke :-)  I think both items really work well in this room. If you look closely you will see stuff under the bed . . yes, I store things under there.  Everything from my candles to our suitcases.  It works out perfectly and keeps things out of the way that I need often enough to want them close!
 This is the view from the closet in the back corner.  Don't you love the wall with stripes?  I'm not sure I can ever paint over that!! 
 I tried to purchase very little for this room but, I did purchase this one piece of vinyl from Simply Said Designs and I love it.  Not only do I love how it looks, I also love the fact that it went up on the wall so easily!!  I've ordered from other places and have found vinyl to be difficult to work with until now.  I will only order Vinyl from this company from now on!
 A close up of the wall and the top of our dresser :-) 
 The view from the foot of the bed.  The air conditioner will be coming out of the window soon :-)
 Can you guess what this is? HA  It is our HUGE closet ;-)  I know it might be hard to believe but everything is in this closet except for our shoes.  We left our seldom used shoes in the shoe cubby in the boys room for now.  Everything in our room has a place from the few books I keep in there to swimming stuff, to our slippers.  Since the room is so small, it has to be that way or it will get cluttered quickly!  Oh, yes, we did remove the closet doors - they took up too much room and I'm really not a fan of doors on a small closet. 

Just another view of the dresser.  The lamp on the dresser was in our bedroom before and now has a perfect new home.  We also took the TV out of our room.  You will see where we put it and I'll explain why in a future post :-)

So, that is the new room.  We both love it.  It is only our room - not a storage room, treadmill room, sleeping room for kids, nothing.  (Oh, we gave the treadmill to my mom  - she's able to use it and right now, we truly do not have room in our house for it).  We are also working at keeping the boys out of our room and teaching them it is not a room to play in - they have their own room plus the classroom AND the living room to play in currently and eventually will also have a playroom in the basement.  They don't need to play in our room too!

A couple of side notes.  As I mentioned earlier I tried really hard to use what we already had to put together our room.  I even managed to find homes for everything I thought I needed command hooks or coat racks on the door for . .. plus it keeps things neater with nothing hanging on the back of the door.  Second, this room is 100% complete as is but with that said, there are two things I'd like to do someday if I feel like it ;-)  I'd like to add a second "bed skirt" that goes to the floor and covers our "storage".  I'm thinking just some simple chocolate brown fabric held to the wood frame with Velcro - who knows, maybe I can even make it this winter.  I would also like to change out the light fixture.  I already have the new one picked out - I might even put it on my Christmas list (and save the old one so if we sell the house some day, I can switch them out and keep my special light!)  Lastly, the "nightstand "that is on the closet side of the room doesn't really fit.  (Our night stands are really end tables that worked great in our old room).  If I see the perfect end table some day, I'll replace the one that doesn't quite fit HA! Those three items are not needed but, if I happen to come across the items, they would make great additions to the room!