Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving . . . Neutorgena Foot Cream.  I know, I know, who likes talking about feet?  But this stuff is awesome.   Because I hate socks  . . and shoes . . .my feet are a little dry :-)  Not fun.  I picked up a small tube of this stuff and it is fantastic!  I know that Neuetrogena also has a hand cream that is to die for if you have super dry, cracked hands - my husband would use it in the winter to keep his fingers from splitting.
I'm loving . . . Meijer Multi grain Black Bean and Salsa Chips.  They are kinda like Sun Chips but, surprisingly, they are better.  I would NEVER have bought Black Bean and Salsa flavored chips except they were on clearance for $0.60 a bag!  They are so tasty and even a little spicy. 

I'm loving . . . this fantastic fall weather.  The cool crisp nights and early mornings that turn into warm, enjoyable afternoons.  We are spending lots of time outside later in the day once the sun has dried everything out from the frosty mornings (Am I allowed to say that the one thing I don't enjoy are all the Bees!! Wow!)

I'm loving . . . .that I'm 4-0 with my football team :-) 

I'm loving  . .. that the Lions are 4-0 Can you believe it???  And what about the Tigers?? Wow!

I'm loving . . . .my wonderful family :-)  My boys are fun and my husband is wonderful!  What more could I ask for?

What are you loving today?