Sunday, June 1, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* Well getting dressed for soccer, Nate was attempting to get his cleats on when he informed me that he couldn't get his "hood" in.  I was totally confused until he pointed to his heel and said, "Mom, my hood won't go in my shoe.  It's the part that is soft and covers my bones so they don't hurt.  That's just how God Made me."  I wasn't to laugh until he said, "I know alot about God, but I want to learn more.  I learned alot at church at Papa's church".  I can't argue with that!

*Mosquitoes attacked us one night as we entered the house, so needless to say, we had some in the house.  Josh informed me that the next time he sees one on me, he will hammer it.  He will try not to hurt me but he WILL hammer that Mosquito! 

* Josh and Nate were having a discussion one day about Willow, my parents dogs.  Josh informed Nate that Willow was a baby when Nate was a baby BUT when he was a baby . .. (Josh stopped to think for a moment) Willow was in Nana's tummy and the doctors had to take her out.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I was seriously busting a gut on the other side of the room trying not to laugh out loud at that one.

* Nate told me that to eat in the living room, I needed a "head banger". . .. he walked me to the bathroom and pointed to the tray tables (yes, I store them in there - don't judge).  The things he comes up with!