Sunday, March 15, 2015

Things My Kids Say

* The boys and I were out running errands recently when they had  a discussion about food we ate on a trip.  They were trying to figure out when we ate snacks in the truck; Nate firgured out that it was when we traveled to that other country and saw people and they he and Josh went home with Papa and Nana.  That is when I figured out that it was when we traveled to Alicia's house . . in Ohio (Yep, Mom, another country!) for a family get together!!  I so love how their minds work.

* The boys got new bunk beds recently.  As we were talking about needing to empty their room out so the workers could set up the new bed, Nate proceeded to tell us how he was going to arrange some things in the room "perfectly".  I said, 'Nate you are going to be my engineer!" to which he immediately said, with his arm in the air, "Choo Choo!!"  HAHAHAHAHA  Yep, that is an engineer! 

* Nate brought me is toothbrush the other day and informed me that he needed a new one because "This one has lost its strengt.  Yep, strengt.  Took me a bit to figure out he meant "strength" -- the bristles were no longer strong.  That kid and his mind!

*  The boys latest thing is to answer the questions we ask like this:
Us: So, is your mac and cheese good?
The Boys:  No, it isn't good . . .. .it's GREAT!
They think it is the funniest thing.

*Nate informed me that he loves his Papa more than me.  Then he said that he still loves me 100% but he loves Papa a gazillion % :-)