Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Control Journal Part 2!

Welcome back to week 2 of my holiday planning.  If you want to see past posts both from this year as well as the more in depth version from last year, just click HERE.  Also, Flylady has started her Cruising Through the Holidays plan.  This LINK takes you to the "home"page which gives ideas from recipes to her version of the Holiday Control Journal. She also gives a daily Holiday Cruise Mission.  I'll be honest, I keep forgetting about them and she is already on day 18!!  I guess I need to go back through them and see which ones I really need to do (Today's is cleaning out the toy clutter . . .we don't have oodles and oodles of toys but I know there are some that can be donated at this point!).  I will say I'm not on board with all her daily missions - for example, I don't do any on-line ordering until after Thanksgiving when everyone has free shipping :-) 

As I mentioned last week, this weeks goal is to get Nate's birthday party pretty much planned and even have everything I need for it that I can purchase early.  I do have the ideas and food all planned along with links to what I need to order.  I had planned to do more this week with it but got hit with a small stomach bug on Monday night - nothing big but just enough to keep me from wanting to do much other then read to the kids :-)  I've also added something else that I want to accomplish and that is planning our Christmas Book Advent for December.  I'm in the midst of planning, ordering the few books I need and putting together stuff for a special family devotional tree we want to do at dinner.  My holiday plan from last year that I updated has me decorating part of the house next week but, because we are putting our tree up one week later this year then in years past I'm actually going to push everything ahead a week and continue to use the rest of this week as well as next week to get the birthday party and Christmas Advent ideas all done.  Plus, we are finishing up the basement this weekend which will include putting all of the Christmas stuff in one place since it is scattered right now.  (We are actually moving all of the Christmas/holiday stuff to the garage to store there in order to lesson the amount of stuff in the basement). 

I've been reading through my decorating plans from last year and want to pick up some lights, garland, and maybe even some curtains - I'm hoping for some good sales around Thanksgiving.  Plus, I saw an idea for adding angel wings to the back of dining room chairs . . I think I need to do something more . . .flat LOL  I'm wondering about making them look like presents.  Not sure I can get something like that made this year . . .I wonder if my mom could make quilt covers. Now that is idea!  A quilt, using Christmas fabric,  for the back with like a green, gold,  or red fabric for the "backing" but have them open on one end to slip over the chairs?  Mom? did you read that?  How fun would that be?  You could measure the chairs at thanksgiving!! :-) hehehe

Rumors of snow are starting to circulate and, when snow falls, it feels so much more like Christmas plus I have lots of ideas pinned to my Christmas Board in pinterest!  Here are just a few cute ideas!
Make your own glitter ornaments!

Door Decor

Cute Christmas Tree - this is actually an idea I saw last year and have not forgotten about it!  I would love to make a larger one for our porch as well as a small one for the bathroom sink.  I had meant to buy pots this summer while they were inexpensive but kept forgetting!  I'll have to see what I can find :-)

That's just a sneak peak of what I'm looking at right now.  I do have some more ideas that I'm pretty confident I'm going to make so I didn't post there here :-) 

How are your holiday plans coming?  I'll be posting our Thanksgiving menu soon - I find menu's so inspiring!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that pomegranates are back.  They are so yummy!

I'm loving . . . that the stomach virus I had was only the 24 hour kind and that the worst of it was done after 12.  At least I was able to sleep most of it during the night!

I'm loving . . . that my kids have learned to get Kleenex when their nose is running - they look so cute using one too LOL

I'm loving . . . that I'm hearing the word "snow" being tossed around.  Those first flakes are always so exciting!

I'm loving . . . . that the Duggars are having another baby (#20!)  I've watched their show and read one of their books and they are a fantastic family.  I know that many people judge them and think they are crazy but, have you seen their kids?  I only hope my kids turn out as great as theirs!

I'm loving . . .. THIS!!
That's my niece and she is getting married!  I was so excited to get this little card in the mail today!  Such a fun thing!!!

What are you loving today?