Monday, January 13, 2014

Homeschool Corner

Ok, I fully intended to start "class" last week but, really, we did class in other ways.

 1) Geography - We played airplane.  Josh and Nate set up all of the chairs and tables as seats in the airplanes and make sure everyone had a seat.  Then, we flew from home to Mackinaw City. 
 2) Engineering - The boys designed this marble works tower; it was mostly Nate's design - something he had been thinking about for awhile.  They created more towers on a different day as well.
 3) Fine Motor Skills - the game of Perfection.  Lots and Lots of laughs with this one!  We also played other games throughout the week as well which is a huge skill my boys are working on right now.

 4.  Spelling and Writing - Making "stay out" signs for the door.
 5. Recess :-)  The boys finally got to go outside on Friday and play in the very, very wet snow! (And then the rain started!)

6. Science - The boys also built a machine out of cushions and chairs :-)

I really enjoyed watching the kids learn through play this week.  I heard my kids use 3-4 syllable words, listened as they told me how to "sneeze in your shoulder and cover your mouth", and watched as they wrote letters and words (No!) on paper by themselves.  I saw them figure out the days of the week on the calender and make the connection that the date goes with the day (Friday is the 10th) and understand that "tomorrow" means one sleep ;-)  I also watched them work together to solve problems and lend a hand to each other.  Sooo many puzzles were put together including the start of a 100 piece puzzle. I say all of that to say - I'm not concerned about preschool.  Yes, we have papers to work on and I plan on doing that to review and improve their skills but really, kids learn from doing.  You should hear Josh pray at night . . ."Jesus, I love you.  Please keep mom and dad and Papa and Nana all safe.  And Jesus I really love you, Amen".  Isn't that what it is all about??

Next week I plan on getting out worksheets more but I think we are going to work on class in the afternoon and see how that goes.

Anyway, that was our week!