Monday, February 3, 2020

February Goals Recap

February was not my best month.  I think I got lulled into thinking that I had tons of time on my hands during January when we weren't doing anything!  February started and all of our "things" started back up again which took away some of my time!  March is is set to be even busier so . .well . .wow.  I did accomplish quite a bit but not nearly as much as I had hoped to get done.  Here's the recap! 
So, here we go!

1)Again, one of my yearly goes is to take fun photos with my kids before they get too big so my goal this month is to find a fun photo op!  We've had a pretty brown winter so it's been difficult to even do some awesome "snowstorm" photos!  Again, not anything fabulous but I did get a few of them playing outside. 

2) Scrapbooking - This will look similar to last month.  1) Clean off my desk and organize it for scrapbooking 2) Organize January and February photos in snapfish for all years not done 3) Go to a scrapbooking crop on February 29th! 1) My desk has been cleaned off like 4 times HA!  Actually, I spent a few hours one afternoon totally cleaning and reorganizing.  So, now, if I could just keep people from piling stuff on it, it would be good.  2) I created a spread sheet to know what is uploaded and what needs to be done and all January photos are done plus all February except 2020 as the month is not quite done yet. 

3) Reading - My goal is to once again read 4 books!  1) The Printed Letter Bookshop 2) The Bright Season 3) The Boy in the Photo 4) The Power of a Positive Mom.  I'm still working on finding a book to support my goal word -Perfect Peace I'm struggling to find time to read but I did start "The Bright Season" 

4) Cleaning - Work through my February cleaning list.I did not get as far as I wanted.  February got busy after a slower January between school and activities so I didn't have the time I expected to have to do my list.  I did get my dining room cleaned and my scrapbooking shelf organized though. 

5) Family - Valentine's day!  Make Valentine's Day fun for the whole family with our yearly traditions.  Darryl's birthday is also this month so I need to plan that as well This was all accomplished! 

6)  Get Josh new dress pants.  I also need to find him new snowpants . .. unless we never get snow!  Both are purchased . . .but the dress pants did not fit so back to the store for those! 

7) Pick out a piano song to practice and practice it.I did pick one out and I even practiced it . .. once. 

8) Pick out a song to sing at a special service at the end of February and also my next special music.  Maybe something for Easter as well.I never got around to picking out a song so I'm not singing and we won't be in church Easter weekend as my youngest is having surgery on that Friday. 

9) Finances - Stick to the February plan. February hit us hard.  Darryl's job fluctuates a lot and February was completely odd so it really messed with any plan I had other then to try to stay ahead of the bills! 

Now, here is my super specific "Frozen Fifteen" list:

1)  Find Josh a pair of dress pants that fit. I found a pair - they don't fit! 
2) Clean my desk and make it "scrapbook" worthy.I'll count this as done
3) Attend a scrapbooking crop on February 29th. Yes!
4.) Read four books no :-( 
5) Plan and execute Valentine's Day for the family Yes!
6) Plan and execute Darryl's birthday weekend plans Yes!
7) Pick out a song to sing at a praise service on February 29th and practice it Did not happen :-( 
8) Pick out a piano song and practice it until it's perfected. I picked one but didn't practice
9) Return/Exchange the last of the Christmas gifts Nope. 
10) Upload and organize January photos to snapfish from all years not done Yes! 
11) Upload and organize February photos to snapfish from all years not done Yes!
12) Replace the light bulb above the kitchen sink.Nope!
13)  Update my Holiday Journal through St. Patrick's Day (and read through St. Patrick's Day reminders to plan ahead) Done!
14) Complete my "20 days of cleaning" checklist for February I did some but did not complete my entire plan
15) Finish Nate's birthday calendar chart he got for Christmas.I thought about it all month, does that count? 

January Goal Recap

January has ended!  Unlike some years, January didn't drag by but rather it kinda moved quickly.  I totally know it's because the weather has been super mild and for that I'm actually thankful.  Yes, I enjoy winter and snow but the mild weather has also been nice since last year was so cold and nasty!

Here's a recap of my January Goals:

So, here's the goal plan for January

1. One of my yearly goals is to go fun places and take photos.  I don't foresee us going into Grand Rapids this month so I'm going to try and find some place local that is fun to take a photo. We didn't get anywhere for photos but I did get a few of the boys outside in the snow. 

2. Scrapbooking - I have a couple of goals for this month.  1) Clean up my desk so I can scrapbook again.  2) By January 31st go through all of the "January" photos on my hard drive and make sure they are sorted and uploaded to Snapfish. I did have my desk cleaned off at some point (but it is piled high again - tackling it this weekend again!) but I have not yet uploaded photos.  

3) Reading - My goal is to read 4 books in January. 1) The Printed Letter Bookshop 2) The Bright Season 3) The Boy in the Photo 4) The Power of a Positive Mom  I'm also working on finding a book to support my Goal Word - Perfect Peace. I have read some but not enough!  

4) Cleaning - I've created my January plan for the rest of the month!   Now to accomplish it all! My January goal was the boys rooms and the master bedroom.  The master bedroom is done.  Josh's room is done; Nate's got put on hold because a shelf collapsed and I need to pick up a new one before a finish.  

5) Family - I'd like to go see a movie as the family - there are some really great ones out.We did this! 

6)  Homeschool - Wrap up the 1st semester; Create a set of flashcards and a speed test for both boys to use during seatwork time: find division problems for seatwork time for practice, set up a Monday morning meeting time to start each week off on the right foot; Make sure both boys are current in their AWANA books This is also all done! And we have started out second semester strong. 

7. Update my Holiday journal with information from this past Thanksgiving and Christmas; Look ahead at my plans for Valentines day and set that in motion. Done :-) 

8) Get Nate new shoes and Josh a new pair of dress pants Nate has new shoes - still need to get Josh to Walmart to try on pants :-) 

9) Pick out a piano song to practice and . .. well, practice it until I have it down.  Also, practice my song for special music. Didn't really have a chance to focus on this. 

10) A friend shared a bible study online on James - I plan to start that this month.I thought about it - does that count? 

11) Finances - Stick to my January plan for the rest of the month. I have stuck to our plan for the most part. 

12) Complete our 2019 Taxes I'm waiting for one document to come but otherwise they are done. 

I think that's it for this month!  Here's to another great year of getting things done!