Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tot Time - The Week we almost died of sweat.

Tot School

This week I had fabulous plans but then a heat wave hit and, quite honestly, we did nothing.  As a matter of fact my 31 month old who hasn't taken naps for a year, fell asleep in the living room on Tuesday and Wednesday and slept for 3-4 hours all from the heat.  We did a lot of reading this week and that's about all! 

So, what I wanted to do was share a link with you for some great teaching ideas that you can use!

One of my favorite sites besides 1+1+1=1, which inspires my Tot Time ideas, is Oopsey Daisy.  You can access her full blog by clicking the button above. 

Currently she is doing a series on Fridays that is all based on activities to do with books.  To check it out just click the button below :

She also does fabulous Mommy School Packets and has a new one posted for M is for Monsters.  Plus she has a tab for other packets as well.

It is supposed to be cooling off so hopefully I'll get my motivation back (it disappears when it is HOT!) and I can get creative!  My printer is no longer usable to print Tot things and I don't have a office supply store local where I can go and print things.  I have a few ideas for next week to use with colors and numbers so we'll see how I do :-)

21 Days of Prayer Challenge - Day 2 Submission to Authority

How did you do on Day 1?  I found that new habits are hard to fit into an already busy schedule but I did get the time to pray the prayers for each of my boys today (in between saying "Please obey the first time I ask" - kinda fitting, isn't it? LOL)

Before I hit the challenge, Kristi, From Warrior Prayers, has opened up a Flicker group where we can all post a picture of our "Whys".  If you are like me you are scratching your head at what that means.  It took me about 30 seconds (and the fact that I read the rest of her email she send to leaders) to realize that she meant our reason for doing this challenge - our boys!   I posted one picture out there but thought I would post a few here for you to see my 2 "Whys"

Isn't that just too much fun?  These were pictures we had done recently for their 1/2 birthdays :-)

One last piece of info - in case you were wondering why the leader guide is not in the same order as the book . .. that was a mistake!!  I'm going to go in the order of the leader guide so just flip in your book to the section for the day - we will hit them all, just not in the right order.

Today's challenge : Commit to praying the 10 prayers in the submission to authority chapter during day two. 

This topic flows perfectly with Obedience, doesn't it?  All of their lives, our sons will find themselves needing to submit to someone.  From parents, to teachers, to bosses, to government officials, and even to God Himself, they will always have someone in a position of authority over them.  Most of us tend to buck at the rules, don't we?  I attended a pretty conservative Christian College and it always amazed me at how many people broke the rules because they felt it was their "right".   Or, when I worked outside the home in the banking industry, I was amazed at how employees would purposefully break rules just because they didn't agree with them.  Somewhere in my life (probably from my parents HA) I was taught that if you choose to attend a college or work somewhere, you chose to follow the rules.  You don't have to agree with everything but you have to follow them.  If that authority asks you to do something that is either legally or morally wrong, then you must do what is right even if it costs your job or means you have to walk away from where ever you are at. ( Isn't that the basics of submission?  Accepting the guidelines and living by them?  I am convicted sometimes by the example I set for my boys - am I showing submission?  I'll just say I drive a lot slower now than I did before I had kids :-)

I listed a few ideas yesterday on how to organize your prayer time - here are a few more ideas.  I can't promise new ideas every day so feel free to share anything you do too!

1. Tape a copy of the prayers in your kitchen and/or your bathroom mirror.  Every time you enter the room, commit to prayer 3-4 prayers (or as many as you can fit in).  You'll find quickly that you'll end up praying through those prayers several times, not just once.
2. Place a copy near your computer at work or home - pray through those prayers as you do your computer work.

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