Sunday, May 18, 2014

Things my Kids Say

Nate comes up with some awesome sayings:
* "Mom, it is hotter than a jacket out here!"
* "Mom, it is hotter than a hot chair!"

Josh came out of his room one night and said, "Just one more thing mom, I love you and . . .make sure and get enough sleep!"  This was done 1 1/2 hours AFTER he went to bed so I think HE is the one that needs to get enough sleep!

We had storms recently during the day and it was fun to watch Josh, who is scared of storms at night, say things like, "It's ok, it's just the sun fighting with the clouds to shine."  Or to Nate who was scared of the thunder, "Don't worry Nate, you don't have to be scared, I'm right here with you."  Now, if only he would do that at night when it storms instead of crawling in bed with me HA!

Another peek into Nate's imagination - he likes to smell things and tell me what he smells.  The other day he told me that I smelled like shirts, Josh smelled like pants, Darryl smelled like hair and he smelled like noses.  Or he has told me that China smells like the number 6.  The kid comes up with stuff that just makes me go, "WHAT???" LOL

Nate was putting some puzzles together and brought me some pieces.  He informed me that white cats are called Cats and all other colored cats are kittens.  I love how he thinks ;-)

The boys have not had great weather for soccer.  This past Thursday it was cold and damp.  Josh informed the coach that "This was not soccer weather and he was allergic to the cold".  Then he told my mom that "it was so cold he couldn't breath" :-)