Thursday, August 29, 2019

September Goals

Sure, I'm technically still wrapping up a few lose ends from my summer goal list but it is time to think about September!  I had to look back and remind myself of what I posted back in January because I had completely forgotten!

I don't necessarily have a specific focus this month as I had at the beginning of the year.  Rather, I just have a list of goals I hope to accomplish!

1. Finances - I'm working on sticking to a budget this month that includes getting the bills paid (of course) and then saving for other things that are coming up in the next 3-4 months (Like birthdays and Christmas)
2. Menu planning - my goal this month is to be intentional about menu planning.  Planning meals that we enjoy, keeping the grocery budget in line,  not running to the store multiple times in a week and not eating out on nights where it is easier than cooking.
3. Deep clean the bathroom and also update the art on the walls.
4. Create and tweak our school schedule this month.  I always start out the month with ideas I want to implement but those ideas have to be tweaked throughout this first month of school.
5. Another school goal is to help the boys be more independent in their online classes.  The "easiest" class to do that in is math so my September goal is to have them doing their math lessons by themselves by the end of the month.  Why? Because the more independent they are, the more they can direct their time.  For example, if one boy wants to start his lessons at 8;00 AM and get everything done by 11:00 - they have to do it independently.  If I have to do all subjects with both of them, they have to rely on my schedule to get work done.
6. Camp - we have a camping trip scheduled.  I need to plan the details, pack, load and go!
7. Look for other fun, inexpensive, things we can do as a family.  I use facebook to help me by clicking "interested" on lots of activities that pop up so I can remember them later!
8. Read.  It's time to get back to reading.  I need to go back to my challenge of years ago and pick out 4-6 books I want to read each month and post about it!
9. Update my holiday journal and also read through the items for Thanksgiving and Christmas from last year so I'm prepared!
10. Get Halloween costumes for the boys
11. Purchase Josh's Birthday Presents this month.  This is always a stretch but I'm hoping I can accomplish this.
12. Follow the flylady schedule I have weekly.
13. Scrapbook - I'd like to finish 2015 - I just have December to finish so it is doable if I take time to scrapbook this month!
14. Scrapbook - I'd like to spend 2-3 hours a week scrapbooking.  With football season coming, I'm thinking I can scrapbook on Sunday afternoons while watching football . . . but sometimes, Sunday afternoons are my do nothing times - so we will see! There's a scrapbook weekend in October I'm hoping to attend so I need to register for that soon!
15. Bake.  Breads, fun desserts, cookies.  Just one little thing a week.
16. Clean out my truck - once swimming has wrapped up, I will need to clean out the summer stuff and make sure it is ready for winter.
17. Sort the photos I ordered several months ago and see what I need to order next.  Order at the end of the month.
18. Have the boys try on all of their fall/winter clothes and see what we need.  I automatically know that they both need boots HA!
19. Plan out the topic/class I want to teach next semester at our co-op.

Once again I hit 19 :-)