Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation - the final post

Friday morning we ALL slept in after that "Great Outside Party" HA!  Darryl and I started moving about at 9:00 and the boys finally peeked out from under sleepy eyelids at 9:30.  Then came the drama.  Josh wanted to know why I was packing things; when I told him we were leaving he started crying.  He begged us not to leave, told us he loved the bridge too much and then said he would stay there by himself.  Yes, it was that traumatic to him to leave something he had grown to love.  He even asked if we could take the sketch off the wall in the hotel of the bridge :-)  I promised him that we would look through all of our photos and he could pick out his favorite and we would frame it as an 8 x 10 for his wall.  That made him happy.

So in this last post I thought I would share some random things from our week.

1.  On Thursday I had to do some minor surgery on my foot.  For real.  See, about 10 days ago I thought I had a sliver in my foot from stepping on a thorn.  Then, since it become calloused, I thought it must be a planter's wart.  It was painful when I bumped it but I could walk ok.  Throughout the week, it got worse and on Thursday morning I got out of bed and about went through the roof when I stepped down on that foot.  At that point I knew it must be a sliver so I worked at getting the callous off the top of the dark spot (don't worry, that did not hurt).  Then figured I would shower and then put some salve and a band-aid on it.  When I went to put the band-aid on I noticed that it seemed to have gotten darker so I decided to try one last time to get the sliver out and . .. it worked!  I guess the water in the shower had made the wood piece swell and come to the surface.  It was about an 1/8th of an inch long and a little thick. No wonder it hurt so bad.  Then "Dr. Josh" helped me out by putting my band-aide on (He even said, "look mom, I'm a doctor now" hehehe).

2. Our truck sounded like an airplane.  We noticed it on Wednesday on the way back from Castle Farms.  Apparently we have a wheel bearing going bad.  Ironically, this happened the last time we traveled to the Upper Peninsula.  The truck went into the shop the Monday after we got back and is all fixed.  I've made a note in my vacation plans to budget about $400 for car repairs in the future since it always seems we have to do something to our vehicle when we return :-/

3. While traveling we listened to this song:

<br />
Josh and Nate loved it and would sing right along on the chorus.  Later, though, Nate said to me, "Mom, this is about dad's grandpa's house (really Darryl's Dad) except he doesn't have a big table.  Just a big yard and a great big fence" HA!  I guess he thought "This is my father's house" was grandpa's house!

4. When we got home, Josh had to have some alone time.  He was very melancholy  He sat in our room and colored all the pages he had left in his travel book.  He is so much like his dad it isn't even funny.

5.  We are already talking about our next vacation.  Sure it is a year away but we cannot wait to go again because it was so much fun.  The boys would like to go back to Mackinaw City but we have a few ideas in mind.  We would like to make a trip to the UP an every other year event and then experience other things on the other years.  Let the planning begin!