Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekly Menu

This past week was "fun with food" and by that I mean that we had good food to eat all week.  Some new recipes and some old favorites.  I'm actually enjoying cooking this summer because 1) it has been unseasonably cool this summer and 2) We have three a/c units set up that keep even the kitchen cool.  My parents were here last Sunday and my dad cook thee best steaks ever.  Yum!  It was just plain awesome

Guess what starts this coming week?  Football!  Saturday night brings the Hall of Fame fun and the Hall of Fame game will be played Sunday evening kicking off preseason games.  C.a.n.'t. w.a.i.t.!!

Here's the plan for the coming week:

Saturday - I think that we will use the Boy's "Free Pizza" coupons from Spring Soccer.  They each got a free personal pan pizza.  Now, this is how we roll - Josh loves pizza so he will get his, Nate does not so I will use his, we'll get breadsticks for the whole family which Nate will  eat many (haha) and Darryl can pick whatever he wants :-)   Fall soccer starts in a few weeks so I figured I had better use these up first!

Sunday -Marinated Flank Steak, Corn on the Cob, Mashed potatoes and Rolls

Monday -Tomato Basil Chicken, Rolls, Salad

Tuesday -  Chicken enchiladas, Savory Rice, Chips and Salsa

Wednesday - Ham and Cheese Quiche, Blueberry coffee cake, and Hashbrowns

Thursday -Stuffed Shells w/Cheese, Salad and garlic bread

Friday -  Tacos - I might try a recipe for "SoCal tacos" which are street tacos.  It's just a different way to cook the meat.  OR I might just do regular tacos.

I took the boys with me to the store one day last week and Josh picked up one of those little cookbooks that happens to be all kinds of cakes.  He has "read" that book from cover to cover with Nate and they have picked out all of the cakes they want "us" to make.  So I do plan on making one cake this weekend.  I promise to share my success (or total failure HA!)