Monday, October 8, 2012

Homeschool Happenings Week 7

When I taught elementary school, I always had a "planning period" that gave me an hour (or 45 minutes) to work on lesson plans, paperwork and planning.  So even if I walked in on Monday morning without lesson plans, I knew that I could wing it until that planning period and then get the week planned.  Let me tell you, homeschool is not like that!  I figured that on Monday I could get my planning done and we'd pick up on Tuesday but that never happened.  We did do some learning this week, just not anything I planned :-)

 This week we organized cars, used dump trucks to load them up, drive them around, and dump them out. 
We also practiced lining up all of the babies, changed their diapers and got them dressed every single day - all teaching responsibility ;-)
 We read books (Josh can read this one all by himself and it is HIS book).
 Watched Happy Days with dad and took very good care of our injured daddy too.  Darryl messed up a disc in his back this past week and was in bed most of the week.  Josh took very good care of him all week and yes, spent hours laying in bed with him watching Happy Days re-runs.
The boys played in the mud and loved it.  They created their own mud puddle and stomped in the mud with their new rain boots which they love!
 We learned that M and M's DO melt in your hands, on your face and on your clothes but they sure do taste good :-)
And this little 3 year old took a very rare and very long nap on Saturday afternoon :-)

In all honesty, we had a fun week.  We did more hands on playing than we normally do, went to Friday school, played outside, and went out to lunch on Saturday before running a few errands.   I had plans to take the boys to a park on Wednesday but rain came in and changed those plans so maybe we can go this coming week.

I do plan to get back into a better routine with the kids again this week and have more class time.

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