Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 Week #4 Photos

We had a great week!  Here's a look back (In words and a few photos!)

Saturday - Nate's birthday party started on Friday evening and  went overnight into Saturday.  It was a great night that ended up a snow storm!

 Nate had 2 friends spend the night - he had one more coming but he ended up with the flu!  
 This was Nate's request!  I made a cake similar to this years ago for him and he wanted it again.  It's actually M and M Cookie Bars that I stacked in a "two layer cake", surrounded by Kit Kat's and topped with more M and M's!  Yum! 

Sunday - We had another quiet Sunday at home thanks to a winter weather advisory.  It was nice to sleep in after the all night party HA!  Plus we enjoyed hours of football too!

Monday - This is a break week from school so I took advantage of that on Monday and Josh and I cleaned his shelves and put his Christmas gifts away.  I always love a clean room!  Our evening ended with Nate and I heading to TKD.

Tuesday - The boys had a piano lesson.  Then, Tuesday evening Nate and I headed into town as he had a sleep study!  I did take photos of him all wired up but he did not like them and does not want me to share them - so I won't!  I thought he looked pretty cute :-)  It was a long night (or a short night) but a good experience.  The room was comfortable, we had snacks, and it was quiet.  It was almost like a little vacation!

Wednesday - Needless to say, Nate and I were tired HA!  We didn't do much except read and watch TV until it was time or AWANA.

Thursday - The boys actually stayed Wednesday night at my moms as I had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  I enjoyed a little bit of a "me" day.  After my quick appointment, I went to my favorite little Mexican place for the best Tacos ever.  From there, I even treated myself to a rarity - a cupcake from the Cakeabakery!  yum!  Best cupcakes ever.

Friday - It's Friday School!!

 Josh and his friend Ty playing games in the Game Fever Class. 
 Josh working on art using homemade art supplies in Crazy Kid Concoctions. 
Nate (on the blue Yoga mat) is his Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit class.