Monday, July 31, 2017

Recap of July Goals

I wrote my July goals HERE and wanted to take a minute to go over what I did . . and I didn't do!

1. Reading - I've been posting about what I've been reading but I will say I didn't read as much as I wanted to read.  Need to work on that more in August.

2. Scrapbooking - the only thing I accomplished was getting our family photos done!  I just didn't have the quiet time to tackle any of the other projects.

3. Bible Study - I did a different Bible Study with a group of facebook friends on Romans.

4. The House -
     a. I recently wrote about returning to Flylady concepts - I'm slowly working on that.
     b. I am working on my picture wall in the living room - it's done yet but it will be soon.  The Living Room finish painting is planned for August and I will slowly get artwork as I find what I want.
     c.  The basement playroom is basically cleaned out and we did start some other cleaning out in the basement as well.
     d. I also (with the boys help) totally cleaned out the playroom and Darryl and I did a lot of work in the garage.

5. Family
    a.  We did go camping and had a great time
    b.  We did not make it to the free fair BUT instead we went to a fair while camping.
    c.  Still working on some details for our "anniversary" fun in August.

6. School
   a.  I returned the books to connections that I needed to (and we got the new ones for this coming year)
   b.  We did zero review HA!  The boys were reading every day up until about a week ago and then I let it slide.

So overall, I accomplished enough to make myself happy.  We are having a wonderful summer and really, that's all that matters!