Thursday, August 31, 2017

Recap of August Goals

So, I have a confession.  When I wrote the August goals that I posted HERE were not well written nor complete.  I had kind of written a rough draft and never got back to it; by the time I sat down during the first week of August and really wrote them down, I decided to not go back and change it.  This is what the real deal looked like:

Yes, three full pages of plans, hopes, and "dreams" . .. ok, not really dreams but dreaming of all that will get done!  This is the first time in over a year that I've really sat down and wrote out my goals and plans for the month and it felt good to do so.

Here's a recap of what I got done

1. I sorted all of my printed photos (that I printed back in March and just got to!)

1. Picked out Halloween Costumes (to order first week of September)
2. August Possible Events  (I made a list of all of the possible events to do in August; a few were even added throughout the month.  It gave lots of ideas and I could pick and choose based on the week, the cost, and the weather.)
     a.  Zoo - August 4th    This year it was cold and Rainy on the "Family Zoo Day" where entry was $4.00 for everyone.  We didn't go last year because it was about 300 degrees ;-) Maybe next year!
     b.  VBS - August 6-10th - DONE!
     c.  Kent County Fair - August 8th.  Free Rides for reading Since the Rides were free (due to reading books) I was leaning towards doing this but the Entertainment Company is the same one that had rides at the other two fairs the boys have gone too and I think they had had enough.
     d.  Movie at Saranac Library - August 10th
     e. Mashville Church Carnival/Sandyland Concert - August 12th
     f.  Ninja Warrior Cometition - August 12th (This was an add-on that I learned about in August.  We watch this show and we have a guy we know that competes in it as well.) - THIS WAS AWESOME!
     g. Free Movie - Wizard Of Oz - August 14th
     h.  Blanford Nature Center At Baker BOokhouse - Aug. 15th followed by a picnic/trip to the park (either the Interactive Fountain to meeting Agape people at a Park)  We actually went to the park the day before because we ended up with a conflict on this date.
    i. Saranac Library Relay Games  - Two things 1) it rained and 2) the boys had a dentist appointment
    j. Kids Challenge  - Again, it rained so I'm glad I didn't buy tickets!
    k.  VBS at my mom's Church! - They had fun!
    l. Tri-Ponds/South Beach with Darryl - The kids were gone and we did this!
    m. Agape Kick off - We did attend.

1. Totally 100% cleaned the boys room

1. Pay the Agape Fee for Friday School.
2. Organized each boys desk with their new books
3. PLanned our schedule for school online (Set their schedule for classes)

1. Started talking about the boys birthdays - gift ideas, plans for their "day"
2. Talked about Halloween costumes to order in September

1. Planned some fun stuff for Darryl and I to do for our anniversary while the kids were gone.
2. Put Christmas on the radar - starting writing down some gift ideas.
3. Cleaned out and organized my recipe binders

I feel like I accomplished a lot, but yet, I have a lot that didn't get done.  That's the point of making lists and having goals though - I know I will never finish everything on my list but it gives me something to work towards!