Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekly Manu

Another week, another menu.  I threw last weeks menu out on Sunday HA!  There were leftovers from the picnic my mom put together on Sunday that changed menu since I love to use up leftovers whenever I can!  Also, by using leftovers it carries over meals to the next week and helps the budget!

This week the boys are attending our local city VBS so dinner's will be quick and easy.  Thankfully, the VBS is 5 minutes away so that does help!

Friday - Ham and Scallopped Potatoes and green beans

Saturday - Tacos!!

Sunday - Mac and Cheese for all of us!  I'll add something to mine and Darryl's like cooked ground sausage to beef (or is it pork) it up!  I think some good rolls would be tasty too.

Monday - Spahgetti and garlic Bread

Tuesday - Tacos (Of Course!)

Wednesday - maybe out?

Thursday - Pulled Pork, baked beans and broccoli.