Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thirty-One Products

I meant to do this post a few weeks ago when I got my stuff from Thirty-One but I just didn't take time to do it!  Personally, I love seeing how other people use fun bags - it gives me ideas how to use mine!  Get this, my catalog show ended up being the largest show in a three month challenge so I earned $100 in free product.  I'm putting that order together now and I can't wait to get more stuff!! 

Before I actually hosted my show, I placed an order with a friend and got these three items:
 This is the Mini Utility Bin - we use it house all of the matchbox cars in the house and it works perfectly for that - the boys each have car holders but I'm kinda tired of always having to put cars in them when they get them out every day.  This happened to be the March sale item so it was only $8.00.  To be honest, when I saw "mini" I thought it would be perfect for the counter in the kitchen for keys and things . .. when I got it I discovered that "mini" didn't really mean small :-)
 This is (a blurry picture HA!) the Mini Organizer.  I use it house scrapbooking supplies like my scissors and decorative ribbons.  It's slightly smaller than I thought it would be but it still works perfectly for what I need it for.
Finally, this is the all in one organizer.  (Don't you love the monogram??) I purchased it to use for my music for choir but . . it is just slightly smaller than what I need so it has become my everything bag.  My planner fits in it perfectly along with my Bible or any thing else I need to carry with me on odd days. 

Now, this is what I earned at my own party.  My first priority was putting together a scrapbooking organization center to be able to pull it out easily and also carry it without a problem.
 This bag is the Organizing Utility Tote and I have to say that it is probably my favorite bag.  The handle's are long enough to throw it over your shoulder, there are lots of pockets and it is large enough to hold 12x12 pages :-) 
This is the Large Utility Tote and is what holds all of my scrapbooking stuff.  I love that the handles are long enough  that they are easy to carry.  It's deep enough to hold my other small bags (Like the mini organizer) as well as my container that holds my current photos. 
 Isn't this cute?  It's the Little's Carry All Caddy and is the perfect home for my punches.  It also fits well into the tote that carries everything :-)
 The last part of my scrapbooking items is this cute pencil holder.  It holds all of my pens and I love it :-)
Finally, the square Utility Tote - this is the perfect size for all of the kids shoes and it fits perfectly in the corner of the kitchen.  I'm thinking I need to pick up a second one before winter so I can use it house mittens, scarves, and hats!!
 I got each of the boys an Organizing Utility Tote Monogramed :-)  I'm using these bad to pack things for the car when we travel or go to other's homes.  It's just a fun way to pack toys and activities.

Sorry for this photo but I realized that I didn't post about these two bags until after I had them packed and lined up to go on vacation.  The one on the left is the XXL Utility Tote and let me tell you, it is huge.  It comes with three totes that fit inside of it - I packed all of Nate's clothes for vacation in one, all of Josh's in another and all of our rehearsal/wedding clothes - including shoes - in the third.  They have so much room!!  I was shocked at the size of it.  It is almost too big but it is great for packing up the boys!  The one next to it is the Brown Duffel bag.  It's quilted and really sturdy plus it has wheels/handle to pull it if needed.  When I saw it, I thought it wouldn't hold much but I packed all of my clothes including extra shoes and a sweat jacket with room to spare.  I used a normal size small suitcase for my husband and didn't get all of his stuff in it so I guess my new bag IS big!

So, my honest opinion of Thirty-One products?  They are really awesome.  I love how sturdy they are and that they have so many uses.  I do wish that all products came in all patterns because I would have liked all of my scrapbooking items to be the same pattern but it wasn't possible. 

If you like anything you see or just love bags, check out this Thirty-One website - it is my consultant's website.  You can order at anytime or, you can also click on "My Parties" and see if there happens to be a party in progress and help that hostess out by ordering through her party (you can have it delivered right to your home!)

I'm looking forward to getting my next few items and I still have a wish list of things to pick up in the future!