Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So, I had planned - even written on my To Do list for Monday - to write some blog posts and have this weeks posts ready to, well, post.  Then Life happened . . .. a migraine that kinda knocked me out on the couch for the afternoon so I didn't do much of anything. 

I did play legos for a bit because a little four year old cutie pie who goes by Nater Potater said in his sweet voice, "Mom, will you play with me now?".  Kids don't really understand migraines or what they do to a person. 

Beyond that, though, I was pretty much just the popscicle opener for the afternoon.  Yes, my kids eat popscicles like they are going to melt if left in the freezer for longer than 24 hours HA! 

Here's hoping this nasty headache will be gone by the time THIS blog actually posts itself on Tuesday.