Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What I read in July

Here's what I read this past month!

First, I did read two books from the library this month.  I didn't write them down before I returned them.  They were both good but were not Christian based books so there was some language in both of them.

 I actually started this book last month but finished it this month.  It is written by Laura Story who sings the song "Blessings".  It's the story of her life with her husband as he went through a traumatic brain injury due to surgery.  I liked the story but did skip some sections that were more of the "lesson" part.  Why?  Because I found the writing a little elementary making it kind of boring to read.  That happens sometimes in an Biography so I wasn't too surprised by it.  I did enjoy learning about her actual story though so it was worth the read. 
This was another $5.00 special :-)  I would classify this as a cutely written book.  It started a little slow but then got really good in about the last 1/4 of the book and was sad that it ended.  It was a modern day book which is not normally my style but I ended up really likely the main characters and the underlying themes throughout the book.  I would recommend this book as an easy read on a summer day!

Oops, didn't do so well this month!  I did  finish two other books but I put them away before I wrote about them!  Uugg!  So, anyway, six books this month.  I guess we didn't have as many rainy, reading days this month!  (We swam alot instead!)