Sunday, May 6, 2018

Unexpected Joy Stealers

What. a. week. 

We already knew this was a busy week but we had some extra things thrown in that made it a trying week too.

Monday was great :-)  The boys were still at my moms; the kids I babysit ended up being sick so I got to enjoy a wonderful day at home, reading, enjoying beautiful weather, and just relaxing I think it was a good thing because the rest of the week was stressful HA!

Tuesday - Josh had day one of state testing in Grand Rapids.  We took off nice and early.  Testing was done and we were all home mid afternoon.  The boys were playing in the sprinkler when they asked what happened to the water.  Oh. no.  That's right - no water.  Darryl investigated and found that our well was not working.  He made a call to a well guy who could come out on Wednesday and test it all.  Yes, we were discouraged but my goal is to not let anything steal my joy.  Lets keep it real, not taking a shower steals my joy HA!  BUT a blessing - my mom keeps her camper 10 minutes from us at a campground.  She's not technically "there" yet but we did go over and use the showers in the bathhouse to get our showers out of the way.  It's better than nothing!

Wednesday - Josh and I headed back to town for day two of state testing while Darryl took an unexpected day off to be around for the well guy.  Said well guy showed up and worked on getting the pump out.  Guess what - he couldn't get it out.  No can do.  So he dumped some acid down it and said it had to sit overnight.  Another day without water.  Blah!  Again, thankful for those showers and a great neighbor who let us fill gallon jugs at their house to flush our toilet. 

Thursday - The well guy came back.  He worked and worked and worked and we all cheered as the piles started coming up out of the well.  Until he pulled the last part out . . ... without the well pump.  WHAT???  Uuuggg.  The pump came off the pipe and stayed in the well.  We decided to try the acid one more time (He said, "I can't get here for at least a week to drill a well so we might as well try one more time"!).  BUT, the blessing this time is he ran a hose from our neighbors spigot to our spigot which gave us running water in our house!!!  So thankful for an amazing neighbor.  We also needed to practice tonight because the boys and I had to sing on Saturday at a Mother/son banquet with Darryl playing for us.  I was just hoping to be able to keep taking showers before Saturday!   Then, I tried to go online on my computer and my computer will not recognize the internet.  I researched it and researched and finally came up with the conclusion that I need to ask a friend of ours if it can be fixed because I can't figure it out!!  Talk about frustrating! Thankfully my husband's computer works fine and we have the school computer too.  I just want "mine" back and working!!

Friday - Friday we woke up to a wind storm.  All was good until 10:00 when the power went down.  Blah.  BUT at least we still had water since our neighbor still had power!!  The well guy came and worked, and worked, and worked until, guess what?  He got the pump out!  They quickly worked and got the new one in, came inside to flip everything on . .. oops!  We had no power.  So, he had to stop.  He's coming back tomorrow (Monday) to hopefully finish up.  My wonderful neighbors broke us steaks and salad for dinner (such a great surprise!) and we went to Mooville for an Ice Cream treat before heading to the campground for showers only to find that the showers had no water!!! (Seriously!! ) So we came home instead.  Our neighbors finally lost power at about 11:00 pm but at least we were sleeping :-)

Saturday - The power finally came back on at about 11:00.  What a relief.  This allowed the boys and I all to take a shower before the banquet (thanks to the neighbor!). 

It's so easy to lose joy in tough situations but if you try, more times than not you can find joy.  I have good hopes for this week - I'm hopeful that our well will be fixed tomorrow; I'm hopeful that our friend can not only look at my computer on Monday but that he can actually fix it (and that it is a quick easy fix).

With all of that said - I"m behind on posts that I always post because, well my computer is down leaving me even more limited with computer usage than before!  Welcome to May, right?