Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Quick and Easy Christmas Treat

One of the activities we did with our Christmas countdown was make some fun popcorn.  I seem to have a lot of fun stories to go along with things lately and this is no exception.  I have . .. or should I say had . . .a Whirley Old Fashioned Stove Top Popcorn Popper.  Our microwave is on the fritz so I try not to plan on using it since it only works when it wants to; with that in mind, I decided to make it homemade which is more fun anyway.  I did my prep work - measured out everything I would need, put the oil in the pot and then went to finish up a few things before we made our treat.  When we went into the kitchen, I started the fire under the pot and noticed that something was dripping . . .faster and faster off the bottom of the pot.  I thought it was weird that it was sweating but I thought it was because I had washed it earlier and maybe hadn't dried it well.  Then I noticed the flame kept flaring up and there seemed to be a lot of liquid on the stove.  Then it hit me, there was no oil left in the pot!!!  Apparently, there was a small crack or hole in the pot and all of the oil leaked out.  Yikes!!  I had a couple disappointed boys but have no fear, I quickly moved to a regular pot and I must confess, I liked the regular pot better.  One less pot to take up room in the cupboard. 

What did I use on this popcorn?
I measured out 1/2 cup of unpopped popcorn and put it in the pan to pop.
I then measured out about 1 cup of white chocolate chips

I divided both of those items into two sets (two LARGE bowls for the popcorn and the chips into two measuring cups)

Melt the Chips until they are smooth and pourable.  Then, each of the boys got a bowl of popcorn, dumped their cup of chocolate on it and stirred.  Then I had divided the sprinkles into two containers and let them pour away and mix again.  We spread it on a cookie sheet to "harden" and then we snacked on it all day.

This recipe also would make a great addition to a Christmas gift basket or to hand out to neighbors.  I wondered about putting crushed up candy canes on it as sprinkles but I think they would have to be REALLY crushed - hard pieces of candy would not be so fun I think.