Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Christmas Tour

Here's a look at our Christmas Decorations this year!  I found that I enjoy putting out our favorite things and not overloading the house with stuff.  :-)

 We love these two musical houses.  My mom gave them to me and the boys love to hear them play Christmas music and light up. 
 This set holds a special place because my Grandma made them.  I have several other Christmas items that she crocheted through the years and I love putting them out each year.  She was extremely talented and make awesome things through the years (I miss the slippers she used to make us!)
 I love the top of our TV cabinet.  The trees, the Christmas Tree and Snowman which are snowglobes that run on batteries, the candles - some of my favorite items! 
 My nativity scene!  I made this during the summer and was very excited to get it out this year.  The boys have enjoyed the "Activity" too. 
 Of course, our tree!  I love having a Christmas tree up - especially at night or early in the morning when the lights are all that is on.  It is so peaceful!
 Another thing I love is to put out things the boys have made - those snowflakes were made a few years ago. 
 Of course, there must be trees in the boys room!  They each have their own and they love to decorate them.

 A few more art projects :-)  Nothing better than hands and feet (and fingerprints!)

 This tall, skinny tree is a new addition.  I bought it after Christmas last year and just love it!  I wouldn't mind getting a few more to place in corners around the house.
 This is "my" tree.  It sits in the dining room and is covered in pink and purple.  It's a total girl tree and I love it HA!  Plus, it matches my purple dining room!