Friday, May 31, 2019

Weekly Menu

Can you believe it's June (well tomorrow).  I can't.  Summer is here, that's for sure!  This next week is pretty quiet to be honest.  We've wrapped up school and our friends are still in school so we have lots of free time this week which is actually kind of nice.

(Ironically, I posted about menu planning earlier this week and as I'm writing this I have zero inspiration!)

Here's the plan:

Friday: Chili Dogs, Potato Salad and Chips

Saturday: Hamburgers on the grill and daddy fries. (This was planned for last week but never happened!)

Sunday -  Depends on what is on sale when I go shopping - I really don't know . . chicken? Pork?

Monday: Tacos

The rest of the week . .. it's going to be based on what I find on sale at the store just because I'm lacking inspiration!  :