Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too Cute Not To "Toot" !

Lets start right off with this great birthday idea from Increasingly domestic.  Last year, I kept trying to come up with some type of tradition for the boys to do - something that was "there" in the morning.  I think I just found it . . .

When I saw this next idea, I thought of my blogger friend, Shannon - I wish I had seen this earlier in your pregnancy, I would have made time to make one for you :-)  This is such a cute idea from Full of Great Ideas. It would make a great 'photo' shirt - add a hash mark each week and take a belly photo!

Ok, when I saw this posted at Making Messes, I seriously laughed out loud.  What an adorable Baby gift idea!
I was so glad to see this done - redoing one of those ugly ceiling fans - over at My Wonderfully Made.  I have one of those fans with the wicker but was afraid to do anything with it - it is now officially on my project list!
Sew Happiness shared some really cute pillow ideas - this one below is by far my favorite for obvious reasons (it is all boy!)
Another cute shirt idea from Making Messes - this would go perfectly with a cute onsie for the baby (and this for the big sibling!)

I saw this spring wreath over at Krafty Kat.  It really is adorable and would be another great project for kids to work on.

This is a really cute idea to use for May Day from Nothing but Country.  I had never really thought about this holiday but it is a cute tradition to do with the kids.  I'm making note of this for next year.

I waas having Blogger problems for the past few days - pages didn't want to load at all but I think I have it fixed - so searching through ideas just didn't happen!  That's ok, that leaves more for next week :-)