Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Blog Topics

My husband has a blog.  He likes to tell me the "stats" of his blog.  I, on the other hand, just write because I feel like it.  I started writing my blog about 3 years ago or so and almost always wrote a post every day unless I planned to take a day or two off.  Until this year.  I know that it has been a number of things that has caused this lull in blogging - A long, cold winter where we didn't go anywhere or do anything exciting to blog about on a daily basis; no crafting or creating going on for me to blog about or show off; no schooling topics, crafts, activities since we stopped doing regular lessons since my kids are so smart (hahaha); I've had no bright ideas for topics lately. So, you've been stuck with weekly menus, a recipe here and there, and some random posts.  I'm hopeful that the blog bug will get back under my skin and I'll get creative one again :-) 

I've some plans for the upcoming week so I thought I would share . My husband is having surgery on Thursday, just some minor, unexpected surgery (his back surgery is in June!).  Along with that, my kids are heading to Papa and Nana's house for a few days.  Ironically, it has been planned for months for the kids to go this weekend because I was going to attend a Homeschool conference but now, am going to hang out at home and maybe, maybe, get some things done. 

Here's what is on my radar for the next 5-6 days:

1. Paint the living room - it is still on the radar . .. not even 50% sure it will get done but if I get up on Friday morning and feel like going to buy paint, I will!

2.  Clean, organize, and move a chair into the playroom.  Awhile ago we purchased a small TV for the playroom and it has been a fabulous addition.  Now, I just need to move a few things around and make the room more usable.

3. Pick out, put together and set up a new entertainment center for the Living Room.  Again, this is a 50% item - if I can locate what I want, at the price I want, then we'll get the huge beast out of our living room and put something smaller and cleaner in the space.

4. Finish some final little things in the basement including putting up a photo album on facebook of items I have to sell.

5.  Update the homeschool learning wall and learning stuff.  As well as start to work on lesson plans and a final order of what I need to get before the end of June (I plan on using Back surgery time to get our year planned out so I want all of our books!)

6. Some yardwork.  I'm thinking a trip to the Garden Center and some new plants are in the works.  I also need to get some mulch and get that spread out and plant our tiny little garden.  I might try to enlarge our garden area so I can actually plant enough stuff to make a salad and even can some pickles or something simple but since I have to do it all by hand, well, we will see!

7.  Scrapbook - to be honest, I have already planned to go scrapbook crazy in June during the back surgery time when I have no kids here for over a week.  I can leave it all out on the table and just work on that and Home School planning.  BUT I do have some organizing to do and just putting some albums together.  I would like to get that done this next week.  If I do it with the boys around, they want to look at every album, which is fine, but I don't tend to get much done!

Well, that's my plan.  I will also confess that I'm looking forward to a few days without any kids.  The munchkins that I babysit will be back next week after a three day weekend but a few days with no kids is always a nice break :-)