Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too Cute Not to Toot

Hello!  This first idea is coming from Nothing But Country and is something we all only get to enjoy every 4 years but I love it - it's a Leap Year Dinner.  I am going to print this idea for our February binder more so that I have an inspiration.  I know that 4 years from now, my kids will find this a fun thing to do on that special day!

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner so I love finding fun ideas.  One of my favorites, Oopsey Daisy, is sharing a great printable for that very day!

You know I love wreaths and this one is perfect for spring.  Keeping it Simple shares a great, simple tutorial too!

This next project should probably, technically, go on my "Homeschool Haven" post I do about once a month right now but, it was just too cute not to share now.  Toadally Tots (don't you love that name?) shares a super cute alphabet name using plastic eggs!

Ok, so if you read my posts for real, you know I've been talking about making Quiet books for like, forever.  I just can't seem to get my seamstress hat on so when I saw this idea over at This Just Pinned for a Busy Binder I started to rethink my plan to sew a Quiet Book . .. .

Even though I am not a great Gardener (nor is it something I love) I do like to plant a few things for the sake of my kids :-)  So when I saw a few ideas over at Veni Vidi Scrappy I thought I would share!

Well, I've run out of time to search this week (it is LATE Monday night!) so I will wrap this up for now.

I have totally fallen off the Pinterest Wagon - for no other reason then I haven't taken time to remember what ideas I'm using are from Pinterest :-) LOL  I do have one funny story though!

Last Friday, I was driving into the BIG town that is 45 minutes away.  While driving down the expressway I saw one of those new, huge TV screen bulletin boards and it said something to the effect of "Are you Depressed and hurting? We have the solution." And then I saw this "Pinterest.com" and was like, seriously?  Pinterest can help heal depression. . .I can kinda understand that . . then I looked again and realized it said PINEREST.com  Yes, that is Pine Rest - it's a hospital that helps people with issues such as depression. So, yes, Pinterest has taken over HA!!

Have a great day!