Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day - beware this is photo overload but part of why I write this blog is for my own memory too!
 The boys were so excited to come out of their room and see their stockings.  Nate could hardly even wait for a picture - he was ready to dig right in!
 Josh loves pictures  . . and he loves being silly!

Nate finally digging into his stocking

 Once they had pulled everything out, Josh felt like their should be more ;-)
 Josh asked me to take his photo with the presents before they were "all gone."
 After stockings, we ate breakfast.  This year I made eggs, bacon, waffles and we had applesauce.  We usually have Orange Julius and Biscuits and Gravy but, since Darryl is avoiding Dairy, I left those off the menu this year. The boys ate . . a bite. . .and then wanted to open gifts but I made them wait until we had cleaned up - at least I used all paper products so clean up was pretty quick.
 Surprisingly, the boys were more excited about giving us the gifts they had picked out so we did those first.  They boys were so excited to show us their stuff - especially mine because they had picked out 10 things each for m at the dollar store.  As I would pull an item out they would tell me why they picked it with GREAT joy!  It was so adorable and so neat to see how well they really know me and notice things I do and things I like.  (For example, Josh picked out a box of Whoppers . .. back on Halloween I teased the boys and told them that Whoppers were awful so they could give them all to me to eat  . .. they figured out that I love them!)

Time to open gifts.  While we were cleaning up from breakfast, Josh had laid out all of the gifts so that they could read the name tags.  Reading their names on the tags was so much fun for them that I let them pick out the gift they wanted to open next.  They loved it. 

 About mid-way through the gift opening the boys gave each other their gifts - $10.00 each at the dollar store makes for some fun gifts.  They were so excited to show each other what they picked out. (And they LOVE their stuff - some of those gifts have been played with more than the things I picked out for them)

 This is Josh telling Nate that the gift he is now opening is also from him; which it wasn't; so then he told him it was from Santa.  (which, it wasn't HA)

A favorite, much requested toy - Light Friends.  Both boys got one - it is something they have been asking to get for MONTHS. 

 The final gift - Nabi Jr.  The boys would also steal ask to use my dad's Phone or Ipad anytime they were at his house.  When we saw how much they love that type of technology, I did some research and found that the Nabi's are great for kids and are app based.  This was the favorite toy.  They already have them figured out, love playing the games and listening to music. 
 Nate with all of his toys.  This year I did a lot of games and books with a few requested fun toys thrown in for fun.

 Josh with his toys. 

Playing with their new Nabi's.  This is how Papa and Nana found them when they arrived. 
 Josh also had to set up the gifts that Nana brought in - he is such a helper. (or he just wanted to touch all of the gifts!)

 The first gift was a new quilt that my mom made for each of the boys.  My mom makes awesome quilts and she did not disappoint!
 Giving Papa and Nana the gift that the boys made for them.

 Thomas the train stuff - always a big hit in this house!

Giving another gift to Papa and Nana - this one made Papa cry (it had all of the Grandkids listed on it)

 Josh was a huge help all day - he is really a work horse  . .. but he also likes to do this stuff because he feels like he is in charge and we ALL know how much he loves that!

We had a great dinner of Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Glazed Carrots, Fruit Salad, Christmas Layered Jell-O, and Rolls.  Yum!! 
After dinner, the boys played and the adults talked.  It was such a relaxing afternoon.  My mom had made Christmas Cookies for dessert so we all munched on those and at least one person who shall remain nameless but goes by Nana took a nap. 

On Thursday morning the boys asked if Papa and Nana were coming back with more presents :-) HA!