Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Morning Girls Group

It was about this time last year that I mentioned finding a site called "Good Morning Girls".  It is a devotional accountability "site".  It was originally started by a group of friends who just e-mailed each other each day to say what they had learned in their quiet time.  Well, it grew.  It grew so much that they started this site and saw the need for women to find accountability partners.  The original goal was to find finds, co-workers, others from church to be in your group but, a great need was seen . There are many women out there who don't have those resources or maybe they don't feel comfortable enough to ask other people to join in with them.  So, through this site, you can connect with women all over the world to be in your group.  Last year, I posted on the comment page what I was looking for and it didn't take long to have a group.  We started out, if I remember correctly, with 13 people in our group.  After some shifting around as some people found that this wasn't for them for various reasons, we dropped to just 5 members and have held strong.  We took the summer off as two of our "groupies" had babies at the end of May but are looking forward to starting back up in a few weeks.  There are many ways you can "run" your group - we chose to set up a private blog.  We then each took a day and on that day, it is our responsibility to write the original post of the day about what we learned in our quiet time.  Than, everyone else just adds a comment to that post stating what they learned. 

So, are you looking for an accountability group?  If you are, check out the Good Morning Girls - I know you'll find a great group to join!  This particular link will take you to information on this falls book study.  The study that they will post on the site is the book of 1 John.  You do not have to follow this study - you can do your own thing - they just offer this up for those that are looking for something.  Last winter, we did the book of James and it was really great.  I love the S.O.A.P method that is talked about - it really works for me. 

I just wanted to take time to share this before it gets to late for you to join up!  And, if you are really interested in joining up and would like to be in my group - just let me know.  I think we may lose one person in our current group (but we could take more!) - I would just need to check with the others in my group first :-)