Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Menu - the One With Camping

We get to go camping again!  We can't wait to get away and enjoy camping once again.  I feel like we are getting into a good routine with our meals and that makes it nice too. I will admit that the camping menu has stressed me out this time and I'm not sure why.  I feel like there is so much food to plan and I tend to over plan.  I've tried to shape our menu based on things we've learned this summer and things we love!  So here we go!

Saturday - We are leaving!  Lunch will be on the road.  Dinner will be our standard - Steak Kabobs either cooked over the fire or cooked in the frying pan.  This time I'm going to prep two small seven layer salads for Darryl and I to enjoy with our steak, Macaroni Salad (Store bought - I can't make it any better!),  Jello, and Mac and Cheese (a standard for the boys while camping!)

Sunday - When we camped last time, it rained.  A lot.  So we ended up eating cereal and Poptarts and guess what, we loved it and it was easy so this time, We will have that (and bagels for me too!)   Lunch will be out - we want to do some sight seeing so we'll be out and about for awhile.  Dinner - Sloppy joes (I can leave it in the crock pot while we are gone!), Potato Salad,  Cole Slaw, Jello, and Beans

Monday - Breakfast - The Same Easy Breakfast! ; Lunch - Out.  The campground has a cafe or maybe we'll explore the town and eat somewhere.  Dinner - Brats/Hotdogs and Loaded Baked Potatoes.

Tuesday - Breakfast - I do love the smell of bacon cooking in the outdoors so on this last morning, we'll have bacon and Pancakes before we start packing up! ; Lunch - We will grab something on the way out.  Dinner - Pulled Pork - all ready made just ready to be heated up when we get home.

Wednesday - This is recovery day!  I know from past experience that we will come home with food.  So, we will either have leftovers from camping OR Corn Dogs and Mac and Cheese.

Thursday - Darryl always has PT so it is just the boys and I - we will have more leftovers, Corn Dogs, Mac and Cheese, Pot Pies or something else depending on what we feel like eating :-)

Friday - TACOS!  (Normalcy HA!)