Monday, May 13, 2019


I enjoy jewelry.  I always have but after having kids (who liked to pull on everything) and staying home, my collection has slowly dwindled.  Last year my boys both got me jewelry at different occasions, which I love!  Well, my next door neighbor started selling Paparazzi jewelry recently and she's just plain fun so when she does live shows on Facebook I'm just sucked into watching her for an hour or so!  She always does some sort of drawing and someone wins something new!  The first time I watched, I won TWO drawings!  (And I never win!)

Aren't these pieces just amazing?  The best part?  Each of those pieces are only $5.00!  Yes, you read that right!! 

If you are interested in the jewelry, you can check out her Facebook page  HERE.  She has albums up on her page so you can see her current inventory and buy pieces straight from her page or she does live shows on Thursdays normally (and sometimes other days too!)