Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Pinterest Goals

So, instead of picking new ideas this month, I'm going back through the previous "Too Cute" and Pinterest Goals and picking out the things I have not completed that I still want to get done. 

This project is the only one left from February's Too Cute post.  The others I either completed or decided I didn't want to do after all. 

I have three ideas from March that I want to finish up.  Now, there are a couple of others on there that are in the works, and WILL get done soon which is why they aren't on this list. 

Now, on to the Pinterest List

And that is only from March YIKES!  I actually have the supplies for three of the items above; I just need to do them :-)

The good news is that my February list was basically done.  I'm still working on organizing the car but I haven't found the perfect solution for me :-) 

Hopefully I can wrap up these last few ideas and pick out some new ones in May :-)