Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say it isn't so!

What a great Sunday.  The kids and I went with Darryl to his concert today with Alive in Hopkins, MI.  It was so much fun to watch Josh wonder around.  He loves to look at everything on stage and watch the singers.  Nate just likes to taste things - chair legs, dirty cords, books, you name it, he tastes it.  And here is my first "Say it isn't so!" comment . . .all morning at the concert I kept smelling something kinda funky.  It was kinda sour so I kept smelling my kids (hehehehe) I did a sneak smell of Darryl when he sat down by me, gave us both gum, did one of those stretch and smell the pit kinda stretches.  Nothing!  I finally figured it out. . . did you know perfume goes bad? Yep.  It does.  It no longer smells pretty but starts to get an odd smell.  I mean, it still smells like the original smell when you just spray it but the longer you wear it the more oddly nasty it gets.  So, I guess it is time for a new scent.  Over the years, I have found scents that I LOVE (Like "F" and "Flowers") but I buy one bottle, go to get the next one and they don't make it anymore so I have to start over. The one that went bad was "Red" but I'm really tired of it anyway.  So for now, I'm resigned to use my Bath and Body works Body Sprays which last about 1 hour ;-) and will go on a sniifer test the next time I'm by a Perfumania.  What is your favorite smell?  I'd love some ideas to try out!

Since we went to the concert this morning, we had a very early start to our day, which brings my second "Say it isn't so!" comment.  In an effort to drastically cut spending, I decided to try and make my own Mocha this morning.  Now, understand, I really don't like "coffee" - I like frilly coffees that really don't taste like coffee.  So I took 1 cup of coffee (all that was left in the pot after my coffee loving husband took his) 2 T of Hershey's Syrup and about 1-2 Tablespoons of milk and stirred it up.  And guess what?  I now I have a coffee drink UH OH!!!  I might be drinking a cup of "coffee" every morning before long!!  Ironically, since joining the Good Morning Girls group, I would sit and have my Daily time with GOd in the morning and think "it sure would be nice to have a cup of . . coffee . .."  Now, I can :-)

And my last "Say it isn't so!" is a FANTASTIC one . . .Nate is sleeping all night.  I won't say anything else so I don't jinx it . . .but the 9-9 sleep fest by two boys is FANTASTIC (did I say that already? ;-) )

Hope your Sunday was a day to refresh your spirit and enjoy your family!