Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things my Kids Say

* One night recently my mom came over and, while walking up our porch steps she fell onto the porch.  Nate happened to be watching, laughed, and said, "You really need to watch that last step." That made me laugh out loud!

*  Recently, Josh looked at me and asked, "Mom, am I in charge now?"  I said No, of course.  So then he said, "Will I be in charge when I'm 10?"  Guess what I said ;-)  Then he said he wanted to know when he was the one in charge.  I just told him he has a long time until that happens HA!

* Nate loves Mac and Cheese.  Last week he walked into the bathroom (where I was cleaning) and informed me that we would have "Mac and Cheese for lunch today and after one sleep we will have hot dogs.  That is what I want and you just need to do it."  Then he turned around and walked out.  Really??  Geesh!

*  Our water softener stopped working recently (I'm so glad we rented one - they have to fix it!!) so I told the boys no baths because the water would be icky to which Nate replied, "I just need to wash mom, I just need to wash".  I offered him a quick shower but he told me he didn't have the time.