Friday, December 10, 2010

The Story of Two Boys . . .and Lunch.

This morning, I was working around the house doing all of those things someone who is an "Unworking" mom does when I noticed a couple of things. 

First I noticed this:

 Than I noticed this:

So what exactly am I seeing?  It is the tale of two boys.  See, the first set of pictures shows the "Trail of Nate".  You always know where Nate has been because there are piles of toys behind him!!  The second set of pictures shows what Josh does with his toys. Notice that the cows are placed side by side and the cars are all lined up?  Two totally different personalities LOL

And than I wanted to share a couple of lunches we had this week.  I shared this POST recently about the kids and making better lunches for them so I decided to just jump in with both feet.

 First, on Monday, we had our Muffin Tin Monday - Josh was impressed.  He only ate the yogurt and some gold fish (And I think the dog got the roll-up)  (We had yogurt, apple slices, Turkey and Cheese roll-up, Gold Fish, Broccoli, and Cantaloupe.  Broccoli was knew - he laughed when he touched it LOL  (Nate had cantaloupe, goldfish, and yogurt - which he likes to feed himself!)
Than on Tuesday we tried something else fun.  I made a gingerbread man grilled cheese with olive eyes and nose and apple buttons.  Plus apple slices, carrots with ranch dip and cantaloupe.  Now, I thought the gingerbread man was kinda cute in a scary freaky way (hahaha) but Josh DID NOT like it.  I had to cut his arms and legs off and into pieces so his was like his brothers.(Nate had grilled cheese and cantaloupe!)   Oh well, we'll keep trying!