Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

 My dad turns 71 today so I wanted to take time to wish him a very happy birthday!  My dad is such a great example of what God's love really is and he shows that love to pretty much everyone he comes across each day.  As a pastor he set a strong example to those around him but he also lived that example himself.
 My parents hit the 50 year mark in 2013 so obviously my dad is a great example of how to build a good marriage.  He is kind, caring, compassionate and, most important, does everything my mom asks him to do HA!
 He has survived two heart attacks, a triple by-pass, and melanoma skin cancer.  Added to that he has survived being trampled by a horse, electrocuted, a few car wrecks (even sliding down the road on the roof of that old station wagon!) almost ripping his thumb off not to mention the "minor" things he has gotten himself into through the years.
Most importantly, though, he is a perfect "Papa" and "Grandpa" to all of his grandkids.  He has taught some how to drive, built many a science project and taught many of them the value of hard work.  I know my two boys think that Papa hung the moon and knows how to fix it if it isn't shining :-) 

Thanks, Pops, for being a great example through the years and the Koll family just wants to say: